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From IDG: China tightens Internet control by blocking VPN services

Golden Frog provides commentary about China blocking VPN Services. Read the full article: China tightens Internet control by blocking VPN services

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From Austin American Statesman: Ted Cruz draws ire of techies with ‘Obamacare for the Internet’ remark

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz’s description of net neutrality as “Obamacare for the Internet” has sharpened the partisan divide on a complicated issue and provoked a torrent of criticism from techies across the ideological spectrum. Read the full article: Ted Cruz draws ire of…

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From Ars Technica: Condemnation mounts against ISP that sabotaged users’ e-mail encryption

Digital rights advocates are doubling down on their criticism of a US-based ISP suspected of performing encryption downgrade attacks that caused customers’ e-mail to remain in plaintext as it passed over the Internet. Read the full article: Condemnation mounts against ISP that sabotaged…

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From ThreatPost: EFF Calls Out ISPs for Modifying StartTLS Encryption Commands

As Net Neutrality debates swirl, privacy advocates at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and VPN provider Golden Frog have gone public with a Federal Communications Commission filing that got more attention for accusations that Verizon FIOS customers were having their Netflix streaming service throttled…

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From The Diplomat: China’s Censors Take on Virtual Private Networks

Each party has adapted over the last two years to stay one step ahead. GoldenFrog does this by scrambling OpenVPN packet metadata to ensure it’s not recognizable to censors. Read the full article: China’s Censors Take on Virtual Private Networks

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From Android Guys: VyprVPN Review

Overall, VyprVPN provides a VPN application that will please both those who simply want more privacy and those who want to tweak their settings. Read the full article: VyprVPN Review

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From the Washington Post: Mobile ISP Cricket was thwarting encrypted emails, researchers find

The inability to send some encrypted messages on Cricket’s network was discovered by software engineers from the digital security and privacy firm Golden Frog. Read the full article: Mobile ISP Cricket was thwarting encrypted emails, researchers find

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From The Consumerist: FCC Filing: “At Least One” ISP Violating Net Neutrality By Blocking Encrypted Traffic

Golden Frog also points out that no current or previously existing rule prevents wireless broadband companies from interfering with the traffic they carry in this way, because mobile companies have not been subject to the same open internet regulations as wired broadband carriers….

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From Slate: When Netflix Pays ISPs for Faster Access, Its Service Gets … Faster

Golden Frog, which makes VyprVPN, had made a pretty stunning observation. The company presents evidence that ISPs are subtly working to block users’ attempts to implement encryption, perhaps because it is data-intensive. Read the full article: When Netflix Pays ISPs for Faster Access,…

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From TechDirt: Revealed: ISPs Already Violating Net Neutrality To Block Encryption And Make Everyone Less Safe Online

The filing comes from VPN company Golden Frog and discusses “two recent examples that show that users are not receiving the open, neutral, and uninterrupted service to which the Commission says they are entitled.” Read the full article: Revealed: ISPs Already Violating Net…