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Take Back Your Internet 2018

SXSW 2018 Take Back Your Internet Event Recap

This year, Golden Frog held our annual Take Back Your Internet panel and party with Giganews and Data Foundry on March 9th during the opening night of SXSW. Hosted at the Texas Public Policy Foundation a mere 352 yards from the Austin State Capitol,…


New Censorship Bill in Turkey Shows Further Contempt for Digital Rights

A proposed Internet censorship law which would bring regulatory power of online content, including YouTube, Netflix, and personal social media accounts, under the domain of Turkey’s Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), passed the Turkish Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission late last month….

Take Back Your Internet 2018

Golden Frog’s Annual “Take Back Your Internet” Event at SXSW 2018

Take Back Your Internet with Golden Frog! We’re back and hosting our annual event on March 9th during this year’s SXSW! In the past, we’ve discussed myths around online privacy and security, encryption, and the importance of an open Internet.  The Texas Public Policy Foundation is joining us in hosting…

Freedom on the Net 2017

VPN Use – and Restriction – On the Rise Around the World

Freedom on the Net 2017, Freedom House’s annual report that ranks Internet freedoms around the world, was released last week. The report revealed the alarming fact that Internet freedoms continued to decline for the seventh year in a row. This year’s report also…

Freedom on the Net 2017

Freedom On the Net 2017 Released, Reveals Internet Freedoms Continue to Decline Worldwide

Freedom on the Net 2017, the annual watchdog report by Freedom House that grades Internet freedom around the world, was released today. The report reveals an alarming trend – for the 7th year in a row, Internet freedoms worldwide are on the decline. Internet freedom…

Censorship Increases Ahead of Communist Party Congress in China

Intense Censorship Arrives Ahead of China’s Communist Party Congress

China’s Communist Party Congress is coming up this week, and in advance of the meeting many security, surveillance and censorship measures are being ramped up in the country. The Communist Party Congress takes place every 5 years, and this year marks the 19th…

Golden Frog and Freedom House Partner to Provide Tools Protecting Internet Privacy and Freedom

Golden Frog and Freedom House Partner to Provide Tools Protecting Internet Privacy and Freedom

MEGGEN, SWITZERLAND – 8/16/17 – Golden Frog and Freedom House today announced plans to jointly assist democracy activists by strengthening their online privacy and improving their internet access, increasingly important issues in authoritarian states. “Practices like surveillance and censorship continue to increase globally, while privacy protections are on the decline,” said Sunday Yokubaitis,…

China is increasing its Internet censorship, and we're sharing a timeline of events leading up to the current state of Internet censorship in China.

The Great Firewall Gets Stronger: China Ramps Up Internet Censorship in 2017

China has been increasing Internet censorship over a period of years, and although the country has implemented blocks and one-off censorship events in the past it feels different this time. The events occurring, and the rapid succession in which they’re occurring, indicates the…

Information Collection

What Information is Being Collected About You?

Whether it’s your favorite social media platform or your trusted email provider, you’re more than likely unsafe from data collection. Many popular services in 2017 are collecting a great amount of detailed information on their users, including you. We’re taking a deeper look into…

FCC Privacy Rules

The FCC Revolving Door vs. The Open Internet 2017

In 2014, we shared an infographic that represents the FCC’s “revolving door” and illustrated how the FCC has been damaging to the open Internet. We’ve updated that infographic for 2017, to better reflect the state of the FCC today. View our graphic below…